If Only the TICKS would learn to social distance!

If Only the TICKS would learn to social distance!
Posted on 04/17/2020

During quarantine, it is great to get outside and enjoy the fresh air but please remember to protect yourselves from Ticks. Typically, nymph stage Deer Ticks are active from early May through early August and adult stage deer ticks are active September through May. Tick-borne disease is a year round concern.

Nymph Deer Ticks are about the size of a poppy seed. Adult Deer Ticks are about the size of a sesame seed. Ticks attach to people, pets, or other animals that brush against them.

Prevention and removal: If you wear light colored clothing, it makes it easier to see ticks. It is recommended to use repellents and remove a tick immediately and correctly (Do not use matches, petroleum jelly, gasoline, nail polish remover etc). Note on a calendar the date of removal and save the tick for identification and testing.

A few tips from the MV Board of Health:

Shower or bathe as soon as possible after working outdoors to wash off and check for ticks.
Remember to check your hair, underarms, and groin for ticks.
Immediately remove ticks from your body using fine-tipped tweezers.
Grasp the tick firmly and as close to your skin as possible (as shown in photo below)
Pull the tick's body away from your skin with a steady motion.
Clean the area with soap and water. Call your physician.
Removing infected ticks within 24 hours reduces your risk of being infected with the Lyme disease bacterium.

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