Procedures and Guidelines

Student Responsibilities:

The Chromebook is an important learning tool and is to be used for educational purposes only. In order to take the Chromebook home each day, you must be willing to accept the following responsibilities:

  • When using the Chromebook at home, at school, and anywhere else I may take it, I will follow the policies of Oak Bluffs School District, particularly the Student Handbook and the Network Acceptable Use Policy for Students, and abide by all local, state, and federal laws.
  • I will treat the Chromebook with care by not dropping it, getting it wet, leaving it in an automobile, leaving it outdoors, unsecured, or in a place where it may become damaged or stolen.
  • I will not lend the Chromebook to anyone, not even my friends or family members; it will stay in my possession at all times.
  • I will not remove District-owned programs or files from the Chromebook.
  • I will charge my Chromebook nightly so that it has a full charge at the start of school every day.
  • I understand that if leave my Chromebook at home or do not charge it, I am still responsible for getting course work done as if I had my Chromebook present and charged.
  • I will bring the Chromebook to school every day. If I leave my Chromebook at home for multiple consecutive days, I may be called upon to bring the device in to verify possession and condition of the Chromebook.
  • I agree that email (or any electronic communication) should be used only for appropriate, legitimate and responsible communication.
  • I will keep all accounts and passwords assigned to me secure and will not share them with anyone.
  • I will not attempt to repair the Chromebook. If it is not working properly, I will notify IT support staff, teachers, or administrators.
  • I will bring the Chromebook to IT support staff or administrator if it needs repair. If it needs repair, the student's record will be checked, a loaner may be checked out if the student is eligible and device is available, and appropriate fees will be charged to the student's District account.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

Your child has been issued a Chromebook to improve their education this year. It is essential that the following guidelines are followed to ensure the safe, efficient and ethical operation of this computer.

  • I will supervise my child's use of the Chromebook at home.
  • I will discuss our family's values and expectations regarding the use of the Internet at home.
  • I will supervise my child's use of the Internet and email.
  • I will not attempt to repair the Chromebook, nor will I attempt to clean it with anything other than a dry cloth.
  • I will report to the school any problems with the Chromebook and will not delete any District software.
  • I will make sure my child recharges the Chromebook nightly.
  • I will make sure my child brings the Chromebook to school every day.
  • I understand that if my child comes to school without the Chromebook, I may be called to bring it to school.
  • I agree to make sure that the Chromebook is returned to school when requested or upon my child's withdrawal from the Oak Bluffs School District.
  • I will return the Chromebook when requested or upon my withdrawal from the school.

Use and Care of Your Chromebook:

  • Bring it to school every day. Chromebooks are intended for use at school each day. Teachers will plan their lessons assuming that all students will bring their Chromebooks with them with plenty of charge. In addition to teacher expectations for Chromebook use, school messages, announcements, calendars, and schedules may be accessed using Chromebooks. You are expected to be responsible to bring your Chromebook to all classes, unless specifically instructed to do otherwise by your teacher or principal.
  • Charge your Chromebook every night. Be sure to have a full charge as you enter school each day. Make charging your Chromebook part of your nightly routine before going to bed on school nights.
  • Makeup is a must. If you leave your Chromebook at school, or come to class without a charge, you are still responsible for all your coursework. If you leave your Chromebook at home for multiple consecutive days, your teacher or principal may request the you bring the device in to verify possession and condition of your Chromebook. Repeatedly not having your Chromebook at hand or not having it charged for class, may be cause for disciplinary action.
  • Keep only school-appropriate media on your computer. Inappropriate media should not be on the Chromebook and may not be used as a screensaver or background image. The Chromebook should not be used to take photos unless as part of an assignment or instruction by school staff.
  • Do not take images, video or audio without subject consent and school staff permission. Taking pictures and recording audio or video without permission is inappropriate, and without consent is unlawful. Posting them to the Internet is prohibited.
  • Obey copyright. Individually purchased, legal, school-appropriate media is allowed on your Chromebook, however, you may be asked to remove any media files at any time. Illegal downloading and distribution of copyrighted works are serious offences and carry with them the risk of substantial fines and criminal prosecution.
  • Abide by media content expectations. Parents should work in concert with teachers and administrators to set expectations for appropriate apps, content, music, videos, games, and etexts on your Chromebook. The following are NOT allowed on student Chromebooks: apps rated 17+ or ESRB M(ature), films rated R and NC-17, television shows with TV-MA-rated content, and media rated Explicit Content. Inappropriate content is not allowed and any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action.
  • Leave the District-loaded apps on your Chromebook. Do not delete any District-loaded apps, folder, files, or file management software. Deletion of certain files or apps will interfere with your ability to complete coursework.
  • Avoid eating and drinking while using your Chromebook. Firstly, eating and drinking is bad for your personal hygiene because germs are more likely to be spread from the keyboard to your mouth. Secondly, doing so puts your Chromebook at risk to crumbs and spills that can do permanent damage to the function and life of your device. This is considered neglect.
  • Never leave your Chromebook unsecured. Your Chromebook should never be in an unlocked locker, car or any unsupervised area. This is considered neglect.
  • Never leave your Chromebook exposed to extreme elements. Chromebooks are sensitive to heat and liquids, therefore leaving them in cars, direct sunlight, outdoors, or anywhere they could get hot, cold, damp or wet should be avoided. This is considered neglect..
  • Notify IT support, teachers, or administration if your Chromebook has problem. Whether your Chromebook is not functioning properly, has suffered some damage, or is missing, it is your responsibility to let a school official know as soon as possible. Never try to repair your Chromebook yourself. Clean only with a dry or slightly damp cloth.
  • Limit damage. More than one occurrence of loss, theft or damage in 30 school days will be interpreted as neglect. More than two occurrences of loss, theft or damage during the school calendar year will be interpreted as neglect.
  • Network Acceptable Use Policy - Students. Every student and parent is required to agree to the Network Acceptable Use Policy for Students before using any technology resources at the Oak Bluffs School District.

No Expectation of Privacy:

No one should have any expectation of privacy or confidentiality with regard to any usage of a Chromebook issued by the District, regardless whether the usage happens for school-related purposes or not. At any time, without prior notice of consent, the District may access, supervise, view, monitor, log, and record student use of Chromebooks at any time for any reason related to the operation of the District. From time to time, the District may conduct random checks of Chromebooks and inspect their contents and condition. By using a Chromebook, students agree to such access, monitoring, and recording of their use.

Monitoring Software:

School administrators, teacher, and instructional technology staff may use monitoring software that allows them to view screens and activity on student Chromebooks at school and at home.

Files Downloaded onto Chromebooks:

All images, documents, files, and apps downloaded onto the Chromebook become the property of Oak Bluffs School District as allowable by law.

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