Technology FAQs

  • Internet Slow? Try to Check Your Download Speeds

  • No Internet at Home? If you do not have Internet in your home, please contact MVPS Superintendent, Dr. Richie Smith ([email protected] or cell phone 508- 939-1678) to explain your present status for access and how we might be able to help.

  • Website not Loading?
  • Turning your SmartPhone into a "Wireless Hotspot"
    Do you already have cell-phone services and a smartphone? You may be able to use your phone as a wireless hotspot and connect your computer to your phone's cellular connection. Please keep in mind that this will consume data on your cellular plan. If you have limited data, or you pay-by-data use, then you should be cautious of using this option -- additional fees could mount. If you are unsure about the particulars of your cell phone plan, please reach out to your provider.

NOTE: Some wireless carriers are offering increases in data plans for the next few months. Reach out to your wireless carrier to see what your carrier is offering.

Key tip: Make sure to assign a password to your Mobile Hotspot to prevent others from connecting and using your data resources.

  • My Internet just stops working, not only for me but everyone in the house.

If everyone in the house is experiencing issues with the internet, find your Internet providers modem/router. Check to see that it is on and the appropriate lights are on. If Internet is still down, you could restart the modem/router. In most instances this is accomplished by unplugging the device, letting it sit for 30-60 seconds and then plugging it back in. Wait for all the lights to come back on and check the Internet. If it starts working, just check to see what lights are on for future reference. If it is not, it may be time to call your internet provider to make sure the problem is not on their side.

  • My internet seems slow..what can I do to make it better?

First, test your internet speed by going to on your device's web browser. Your numbers will be affected by the plan you have with your provider (Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, etc.). Find out what plan you have and check these numbers against what your plan says you should get.

  • My speed test numbers ( are different when I move around the house?

Great job testing different parts of the house. Your favorite room to work in may not have the fastest internet. Signal strength (see image below) impacts how fast your connection is. Try testing the speed close to the Internet modem first, then move to different parts of the house. Take note of the different speeds; most likely they will decrease as you get further away from the modem.

  • When I am on the other side of the house from the router, my signal strength looks similar to the image on the left. What can I do to make it better?

There are a few ways to increase the strength of your wifi. If you have network(ethernet) wiring in your house you can connect your router to another wireless access point using the ethernet wires. If your house is not wired for a computer network, you can use an Extender or Mesh Network which can "boost" your wireless signal throughout the house. For smaller homes an extender may be all you need, but for larger homes it may be necessary to go to a Mesh network. The links below are a couple of examples to help you better understand Extenders and Mesh Networks. You can also do a google search on Extenders and Mesh networks to find other methods to help you better fix your wifi signal issue. - Wall Street Journal Explains Mesh - CNet Explains Extenders

  • When my older sibling came home from college, my internet speeds got really bad. What's up with that?

Internet is all about sharing. If someone is using a big part of your Internet Bandwidth (data transfer allocated to you by your provider), it takes away from what you can use. Your network will try to send data to each user as fast as it can, but high bandwidth apps (gaming, streaming movies, Zoom, etc) can take over and slow what everyone else is trying to access. Maybe when he is sleeping in one morning, try your speedtest again and see if you notice a difference.

  • How fast do my speeds need to be?

A. That will depend on what you are doing. If you are just surfing the web, 1Mbps can be adequate, but if you are watching a 4K movie from a streaming service you might need 25Mbps (and that is just for your computer - if others are using your network you will need more) This site gives some good overall information about Internet speeds, types of connections, and more: et-fcc/
If you think you have your internal wifi signal working well, but it is your Internet provider (cable or wireless) that is unable to get you the speeds you need, below are a few service providers that offer services on Martha's Vineyard. Some of these services may not be available at your home's location, so you will need to check their websites for coverage (links to their sites are provided). You can search the internet, or better yet, ask your friends or neighbors what they use and if they are pleased with it. This is not intended as a complete list of every service provider for Martha's Vineyard, so check around if none of the options below work for you.

  • Wired Internet Services

Comcast Cable/Xfinity- If you have a current Comcast account and finding your speeds are inadequate to handle the new demand, you may be able "upgrade". You can call Comcast customer support to inquire about faster plans.
If you have service and need support call 800-934-6489 or login to your account in a web browser.

Verizon - DSL - Speeds usually 1.5-10Mbps. Not as fast as other services, but an option when other services are not available. Not available everywhere on Island. To see if your location can get DSL service go to For support for your Verizon DSL service, choose from the support options at:
Wireless Internet Services - These are two of the most common wireless services available on Martha's Vineyard. You can also search for others (T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.) on the internet, but be sure to check their Coverage Maps to make sure they serve your home location. Verizon Wireless - Internet services through your cellphone, tablet, or hotspot. Go to for support as well as new accounts, upgrades, plans,etc. Or call 800-922-0204.
AT&T - Internet services through your cellphone, tablet, or hotspot. Go to for support as well as new accounts, upgrades, plans,etc. Or call 800-288-2020.

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