Q: What is a Chromebook?
Chromebooks are laptop digital devices which run Chrome OS by Google as its operating system. They are "thin client" devices and have virtually no hard drive storage. Essentially they are web browsers, designed to be used to connect to the Internet. Chromebooks require most applications and data run in the cloud, or on remote web servers. Because of the reduced hardware they are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other laptops and PCs. To store or access personal files with a Chromebook, a user must have access to cloud-based storage, like Google Drive, or attach a flash drive.

Q: Why a Chromebook?
Chromebooks are compatible with our G-suite (Google Apps for Education) cloud-based set of digital tools and resources, which our staff and students are using to collaborate, communicate, create and foster critical thinking. They are cost effective from both a financial and technical support point of view.

Q: Why is the school providing a device instead of having students bring their own (BYOD)?

There are pros and cons to both options. Our decision is based on what is in the best interest of ALL students, including equity, consistency of resource access, ability of teachers to leverage common capabilities, accountability for having the device at school, managing and supporting devices, security of our network, and ability to efficiently and securely meet the requirements and protocols of standardized testing

Q: Can my child bring his/her own device instead of using the school-issued Chromebook?

  • We want all students to use the same device. In special circumstances the Principal may make an exception and allow a personal Chromebook as an alternative. Same expectations and requirements apply to BYODs as those issued by the district. Other personal devices are not permitted, with exception to special education programs.

Q: What if the Chromebook gets lost/damaged or stolen?

  • We encourage parents to sign up for the insurance plan we have in place with a third party vendor. Without the protection plan you are responsible for the cost of replacement or repair. A damage report needs to be filed with the schools technology department even if a third party protection plan cover the damage.

  • Q: What is the replacement cost for the device?
  • Depending on the model the replacement cost of a chromebook could vary between $165.00 - $250.00. We encourage you to explore different technology protection plans for your device .
  • Q: How about the cost of other repairs?
  • The following are approximate costs of Chromebook parts and replacements:
    Screen - $50.00
    Keyboard/touchpad - $70.00
    Power cord - $40.00

Q: Will I be able to keep the Chromebook over the Summer?

  • Only students who will be returning to Oak Bluffs School in the Fall may keep the Chromebook over the Summer, or turn it in to the school for safekeeping. Students who graduate, transfer out and will not return in the Fall must return the Chromebook on the last day of enrollment.

Q: What happens if I don't have Internet access at home?

  • Comcast Internet Essentials offers a low-cost solution to eligible households. The Media Center is open until 3:30 after school on regular school days. Many public buildings and private businesses offer free Wi-Fi you will be able to connect to. Some island public libraries also offer free Wi-Fi as well as regular computer with internet access.

Q: Will Internet sites be filtered?

  • The district utilizes an Internet content filter that is in compliance with the federally mandated Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). All Chromebooks have their Internet connections filtered when on and off-site as well. No filtering technology is perfect, however, and both teacher and parental engagement is always an important part of student Internet use.

Q: Will all textbooks be online as a result of this initiative?

  • Over time we hope to transition to digital textbooks and other online resources as new textbooks and curriculum resources are adopted.

Q: How can we make sure the device wont be damaged between home and school?

  • We will provide hard carrying cases for both the Chromebook and the charger. The students are to use the provided case for transportation and when moving from room to room in the school. The charger should be brought to school everyday and the device should be fully charged at home the night before.
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